About LoveLife

I Love my Life!

I love dancing like no one is watching, especially Tango of Love.

I love singing in the shower and pretending that I’m so good at it!

I love romance, love stories and I never feel there is enough love.

I love weddings because they are a love story with a happy-end.

I love red lipstick because only girls with atitude can wear it and because it makes my teeth look so white and shiny!

I love to smile and I smile all the time because a smile can change your day and because I want to see people happy. :)

I love making people feel loved!

I love love love people!

I love animals too, that’s why I’m vegetarian.

I love hugs! I hug trees and in every country that I visit, I make a tree friend to have someone there whom to come back one day.

I love walking with no shoes in the grass… but I love high heels as well, oh yeah!

I love having freedom in my life! That’s why I always carry in my purse my passport. You never know when you need it. :)

I love cookies and tea! I know the best places in town, so forget about Starbucks!

I love spoiling myself, with chocolate, sweet wine, hot tub with bubbles, rose petals and candles.

I love magnolias and orchids because they are delicate and fragile!

I especially love writing and I’ve been doing it since I was 17 years old and I love every minute of it!!!

The Love Life Magazine is a big part of my soul, a dream come true. Enjoy it!

I believe that dreams do come true if you truly believe in them! So dream big!

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